25 Games to Play on Trampoline | Easy Guide [2023]

I fondly recall the exhilaration of soaring through the air while jumping on a trampoline. It was the epitome of active play and outdoor fun.

Now, as a parent or caregiver, I understand the significance of physical activity in a child’s development, influencing their coordination, strength, and long-term habits of staying active. 

That’s why I am excited to introduce the endless possibilities of trampoline games for my kids. The backyard becomes an adventure playground, brimming with laughter and excitement. 

These games to play on a trampoline are designed to cater to kids of all skill levels, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun. From thrilling competitions to creative challenges, these games provide focused direction while keeping the joy of bouncing intact. 

So, whether it’s enjoying our new trampoline or finding a unique activity to captivate the kids, I can’t wait to embark on these fun-filled adventures together.

25 Games to Play on Trampoline: Looking for exciting trampoline games? Discover these fun-filled games to keep kids active and entertained outdoors. Perfect for all skill levels, these games guarantee hours of bouncing joy!

Trampoline Games for Beginners: Fun Activities for Newbies

Trampoline Games for Beginners

We just got our first trampoline this summer, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about it at first. But once we started playing on it, we realized how much fun it can be! My boys have been spending so many hours on the trampoline this summer, and it has become a staple in our yard. 

The trampolines nowadays are much safer than the ones I had as a kid, with padding and nets to prevent falls. It’s a relief for us parents to know that our kids are safe while having a blast.

The Advantages of Trampoline Play

Jumping and playing on the trampoline offer many physical and health benefits for kids.

When kids jump and run on the trampoline, the resistance from the mat and springs provides a great exercise that gets their heart pumping and improves their circulation and cardiovascular health.

The bouncy surface of the trampoline helps improve balance, coordination, and core strength since it’s always moving and not completely even.

Playing on the trampoline can also help build strong bones. The pressure and stress from jumping and balancing stimulate the growth of little bones and increase bone density.

Most importantly, trampoline play is a whole lot of fun! It brings laughter and joy, which is great for both physical and mental well-being.

Unleash the Excitement: The Joy of Trampoline Fun

While my boys are happy jumping and chasing each other on the trampoline, it’s amazing to see their creativity when they come up with new games and challenges. It’s so much fun to watch them use their imagination and make up their games. 

Today, I want to share some of our favorite trampoline games as a family. Some of these games are classics, while others are new to us.

But the fun doesn’t have to be limited to just the kids. Parents can join in on the excitement too! You can either participate from outside the trampoline or, for an extra special treat, jump on there and play with your kids. 

I hope you and your family have a blast trying out these trampoline games and activities together.

25 Games to Play on Trampoline

Here are the 25 games to play on trampoline:

25 Games to Play on Trampoline

1. Up, Up, and Away:

This is a fun and straightforward game where you challenge yourself to keep a softball in the air while jumping on a trampoline. Mix things up by using different body parts like your feet, head, or elbows to keep the ball airborne. 

You can even try using a pool noodle to keep the ball in play. Balloons and beach balls work well as alternatives for this game. See how long you can keep the ball up and enjoy the excitement of the challenge!

2. Airborne Acrobatics: 

In this exciting game, a player standing outside the trampoline throws a tennis ball to the first player positioned in the center. The catcher then jumps on the trampoline and aims to meet the ball in mid-air, attempting to catch it. 

This game is fantastic for practicing timing and coordination skills while having a ton of fun! Get ready to test your jumping abilities and enjoy the thrill of catching the ball in mid-flight.

3. Bouncing Hot Potato:

In this game, one person stands outside the trampoline and either sings a song or counts out loud while the jumpers bounce around inside. They pass a ball, water balloon, ball, bean bag, or even a stuffed animal from one person to the next in a circle. 

When the person outside stops singing or counting, the last person to touch the object is out. It’s a fun and engaging game that adds an element of excitement to your trampoline playtime. 

Get ready to pass the “hot potato” and see who can avoid being the last one to touch it!

4. Ball of Fire:

Gather various-sized balls and scatter them on the trampoline for this exciting game. The kids will enthusiastically dodge the balls, trying to avoid getting touched by them. If a ball touches a player, they must exit the trampoline until only one player remains. 

You can also use water balloons for added fun! This game is sometimes referred to as “poison ball” and is a favorite among my kids. They love the thrill and challenge of dodging the balls on the trampoline. Give it a try and see who can be the last one standing!

5. Bombardment on the Bounce:

Gather at least two players on the trampoline while one player stays outside the enclosure. The players outside will have some soft balls and yell “bombs away” as they throw the balls inside the net, aiming to hit those on the trampoline surface. 

You’re out of the game if you get hit by a ball! This game is also known as “cherry bomb” when one of the players on the trampoline throws the ball instead of an outside player. Get ready for an exciting challenge and see who can dodge the “bombs” the longest!

6. Trampoline Tag: Monkey in the Middle

Gather two or more players on the edges of the trampoline for this game. They will take turns throwing a ball over the “monkey” positioned in the middle of the trampoline. The goal for the “monkey” is to jump and catch the ball while it’s in the air. 

If the “monkey” successfully catches the ball, the player who threw it becomes the new “monkey” for the next round. It’s a thrilling game of agility and coordination that keeps everyone engaged. 

Get ready to take turns being the “monkey” and see who can make the most impressive catches!

7. Bounce, Dodge, and Conquer:

Playing dodgeball on a trampoline adds an exciting twist to this classic game and is perfect for older kids. The bounciness of the trampoline makes it even more thrilling, especially with higher jumps! 

To set up, use chalk or painter’s tape to mark a centerline on the trampoline. Divide the players into two teams and have them throw softballs at the opposing team. You’re out of the game if you get hit by a ball below the neck. 

However, if you catch or dodge the ball successfully, you stay in. The first team to lose all their players will be the losing team. Get ready for an action-packed game of dodgeball that combines jumping and dodging skills for an unforgettable experience!

8. The Middle Piggy:

This classic game gets a fun twist when played on a bouncy trampoline surface! Perfect for three players, all you need is a small-to-medium softball to enjoy this outdoor game.

How’s play:

  • Position one player in the middle of the trampoline, known as the ‘Piggy.’
  • The other two players stand outside the trampoline.
  • Piggy starts bouncing while the two outside players toss the ball over the trampoline, trying to avoid Piggy’s catch.
  • The outside players can move around the trampoline to add difficulty, but they must always throw the ball over the trampoline.
  • When the Piggy successfully catches the ball, the person who threw the ball becomes the new Piggy.

Get ready for endless fun and laughter with this exciting trampoline game of Piggy in the Middle!

9. A Musical Bouncing;

As your kids grow older, their love for music grows too! Bring their favorite tunes into a fun trampoline game that keeps things lively and entertaining. It’s perfect for creating a party atmosphere when they have friends over.

In “Musical Bounce,” the key is to stay in sync with the beat of the song. The player who is the last one bouncing to the beat is out for the next round.

How’s Play:

  • Assign separate trampoline zones to each player, ensuring they maintain a safe distance from each other.
  • Play songs from a pre-made playlist for about 20 seconds, while all players jog around the trampoline’s perimeter together.
  • At the 20-second mark, shout “Bounce!” and every player must start bouncing on the spot, matching their bounces to the rhythm of the song.
  • As the game progresses, shorten the duration of each song to make it more challenging.
  • The player who fails to keep bouncing to the correct beat is out. The last player remaining bouncing to the beat wins the game!

Get ready for a fantastic time of music and bouncing fun with Musical Bounce!

10. Whispering on the Trampoline:

Whispering on the Trampoline

Introducing a fresh twist to a beloved game called “Trampoline Whispers.” This game not only provides loads of fun but also enhances your memory and concentration skills. It’s perfect for playing with multiple players and guarantees an exciting time for everyone involved.

How’s Play:

  • Choose someone to start as the first player. They will perform a trick on the trampoline.
  • After completing their trick, the first player leaves the trampoline, making way for the next player.
  • The second player enters the trampoline and must replicate the first player’s trick while adding a trick of their own to the sequence.
  • The third player then enters and performs the tricks of the first two players, while also adding their unique trick to the cycle.
  • This pattern continues as each player takes turns adding to the trick sequence.
  • If a player performs the wrong trick or performs it at the wrong time during the sequence, they are eliminated from the game.
  • The winner of the game is the last player remaining who can accurately remember and perform the correct tricks in the right order.
  • Players who are eliminated can still participate as judges, helping to remember the current trick sequence.

So gather your friends, jump on the trampoline, and have a blast with “Trampoline Whispers”!

11. Nesting Birds:

Get ready for a thrilling outdoor game called “Bird in the Nest” that will have kids excited and active! All you need is a bag of light, differently-colored plastic balls to play this exciting treasure hunt.

How’s Play:

  • Choose one player to be the “Bird in the Nest.” The rest of the players are the “Runners.” Each Runner is assigned a specific ball color.
  • Take the Runners out of the backyard while the Bird hides the colored balls in various spots like garden beds or outdoor furniture. The trickier the hiding spots, the better!
  • Once the Bird finishes hiding the balls, they sit inside the trampoline enclosure.
  • Bring the Runners back into the backyard and get ready to start.
  • When you say “Go!”The Runners begin their hunt to find the balls of their assigned color.
  • Each time a Runner finds one of their colored balls, they must bring it to the trampoline and throw it into the “nest” for the Bird to collect.
  • At any point, when the Bird shouts “To the nest!”, the Runners must stop and return to the trampoline.
  • Now it’s time to count! Whoever has the most balls of their assigned color inside the nest is the winner.
  • The winner becomes the Bird for the next round, and the game can continue with new hiding spots and more exciting treasure hunts!

Get ready to have a fantastic time playing “Bird in the Nest” and enjoy the outdoor adventure with your friends!

12. Intense Game of Poison Ball:

If you’re not a fan of traditional ball games, “Poison Ball” is a fantastic alternative that will get everyone active and jumping, one at a time.

How’s Play:

  • Each participant takes turns being the chosen player inside the trampoline.
  • The rest of the players stand outside the trampoline and throw balls into it.
  • The chosen player must jump and try to avoid getting hit by the balls while they bounce around unpredictably.
  • If the chosen player makes contact with any of the balls while jumping, they are eliminated from the game.
  • Keep track of each player’s time on the trampoline until they are out of the game.
  • The winner of the game is the player who has the longest bounce time, meaning they stayed on the trampoline for the longest duration without getting hit.

Get ready for an exciting and energetic game of “Poison Ball” that will have everyone jumping, dodging, and having a great time!

13. Castle Assault:

Get ready for an exciting team-based game called “Castle Attack” which combines the thrill of dodgeball with unique elements!

How’s Play:

  • Divide all players into two teams.
  • The first team consists of a single player chosen as the “King,” who stays inside the trampoline enclosure.
  • The second team consists of the “Attackers,” who must remain outside the trampoline boundaries.
  • Attackers throw softballs or water balloons over the trampoline enclosure, aiming to hit the King while they try their best to dodge the incoming projectiles.
  • The goal for the Attackers is to hit the King three times.
  • Once the King has been hit three times, the Attacker who scored the last hit becomes the new King, and the game restarts with a new round.
  • The player who holds the longest time as the King throughout the game is declared the ultimate winner.

Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of “Castle Attack,” where teams compete to hit the King while they skillfully dodge incoming throws. Have a blast and see who can claim the throne as the victorious King!

14. Enter the Bubble Arena:

Let your little ones have a blast in a safe and controlled environment with the exciting activity called “Bubble Arena.”

How’s Play:

  • Enter the trampoline enclosure with your child. Remember, this activity is not about competitive play but about spending quality time together.
  • Take a seat to the side while your child stands or sits in the middle.
  • Start blowing bubbles and let them fill the air! Aim to blow the bubbles in different directions, creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Encourage your child to pop as many bubbles as they can before they reach the trampoline surface.
  • Give your child a chance to try blowing bubbles themselves! It’s a great way for them to have fun and practice their motor skills.
  • Cleaning up is a breeze, simply hose down the trampoline to remove any bubble residue.

Get ready for a delightful and memorable time in the “Bubble Arena” as you and your child enjoy the simple joy of playing with bubbles. It’s a wonderful way to bond and create special moments together!

15. Thrilling Matador Showdown:

When we’re not playing Gaga Ball on our trampoline, the go-to game is often Bull and Matador.

How’s Play:

  • One person becomes the bull, while the other children take on the role of matadors.
  • The bull crawls around on hands and knees, trying to catch one of the matadors.
  • The matadors must avoid being caught by the bull, but they can’t jump over it. Each time a matador successfully evades the bull’s charge, they shout, “Olay!”
  • When a matador is finally caught by the bull, they become the new bull, and the game continues with a new round.

Get ready for a thrilling game of Bull and Matador on the trampoline, where you’ll have a blast dodging the bull’s charges and celebrating your successful escapes with an enthusiastic shout of “Olay!” Enjoy the excitement as you take turns being the bull and the matador!

16. Hand Game Showdown: Rock Paper Scissors

Hand Game Showdown

Get ready for an exciting twist on the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors, now played on the trampoline!

How’s Play:

  • All players gather on the trampoline and begin by chanting together, “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”
  • When everyone says “shoot,” each player takes a specific pose: curled up for rock, stretched out for paper, or sitting down for scissors.
  • In this trampoline version, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock, just like in the traditional game.

Prepare for a thrilling game of Rock Paper Scissors on the trampoline, where quick thinking and strategic posing will determine the winner. Enjoy the energetic fun as you jump and compete with your friends!

17. Trampoline Volleyball Fun:

Get ready for an exciting game of Trampoline Volleyball where two people or teams jump on opposite sides of the trampoline and volley a ball back and forth.

How’s Play:

  • Two players or teams take their positions on opposite sides of the trampoline.
  • The goal is to keep the ball in the air by hitting it back and forth while constantly jumping on the trampoline.
  • There are a few rules to follow: players cannot double-touch the ball, let it touch the ground, or stop jumping.
  • Balancing the ball in the air while maintaining a constant bounce adds an extra level of challenge to the game.
  • Your kids will be hooked as they aim to beat their high scores and strive for better performance.

Get ready for some high-flying fun with Trampoline Volleyball. It’s an exciting and engaging game that will keep your kids entertained as they master their jumping and coordination skills. Enjoy the friendly competition and see how long you can keep the ball in play!

18. Trampoline Basketball Extravaganza:

Set up a basketball hoop next to your trampoline and let your kids experience the thrill of shooting goals and slam-dunking to their heart’s delight.

How’s Play:

  • Create a range of challenges to keep things fun and engaging. For example, you can set a goal of being the first to score ten goals or the first to score three goals while jumping in the air.
  • If you want to add an extra level of challenge, place an empty cardboard box or plastic bin on the ground near the trampoline as an alternative basketball goal.
  • Your kids will have a blast as they aim for the hoop, practicing their basketball skills and enjoying the exhilaration of making impressive shots.

Get ready for a sky-high basketball adventure as your kids combine the joy of trampolining with the excitement of shooting hoops. It’s an excellent way for them to stay active, have fun, and develop their coordination and basketball abilities. Let the games begin!

19. Rosy Ring Circle:

Get ready for a delightful and playful game called “Rosy Ring Circle” which is perfect for younger children, especially when played on the trampoline.

How’s Play:

  • The children form a circle and hold hands while standing on the trampoline.
  • Together, they sing the familiar chant, “Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall.”
  • When they reach the part that says “we all fall,” everyone on the trampoline falls together.
  • To add some variety and fun, the children can take turns deciding how everyone should fall. For example, they can choose to fall flat on their backs, land in a seated position, or fall to their knees.

Get ready to sing, spin, and laugh as you play the “Rosy Ring Circle” game on the trampoline. It’s a fantastic way for younger children to have fun, enjoy some movement, and engage their imagination. Let the giggles and joyful moments unfold as everyone falls together in different ways!

20. Trampoline Bubble Popping Fun:

Trampoline Bubble Popping Fun

Get ready for an exciting session of Bubble Pop on the trampoline! Whether you blow bubbles or set up a bubble machine, it’s time for some bubble-popping fun.

How’s Play:

  • Create a bubble-filled atmosphere by blowing bubbles or using a bubble machine on and around the trampoline.
  • Challenge your kids to keep the bubbles from escaping the trampoline or see how many bubbles they can pop while they’re in mid-air, jumping and bouncing.
  • Keep in mind that the bubbles may make the trampoline mat a bit slippery, so it’s a good idea to give the trampoline a quick hose down after playing to ensure safety and maintain its condition.

Get ready for a bubbly adventure on the trampoline as your kids engage in the exciting Bubble Pop game. It’s a delightful way to have fun, be active, and enjoy the magical world of bubbles. So, grab some bubbles and let the popping frenzy begin!

21. Trampoline Egg-and-Spoon Race:

Get ready for an exhilarating game of the Trampoline Egg-and-Spoon Race! This classic party game becomes even more challenging and exciting when played on the trampoline, putting balance and coordination skills to the test.

How’s Play:

  • Each player needs a spoon and small objects like golf balls, baby potatoes, or hard-boiled eggs for balancing.
  • Players start on one side of the trampoline and must move to the other side while keeping the object balanced on their spoon.
  • If a player drops the object, they have to go back to the beginning and start over.
  • To add more fun and difficulty, you can ask players to perform different moves or tricks as they navigate across the trampoline, all while keeping their “egg” intact.

Get ready for a challenging and exciting adventure as you engage in the Trampoline Egg-and-Spoon Race. It’s a fantastic way to test your balance, coordination, and trampoline skills. 

So, grab your spoons and balancing objects, and see who can make it across the trampoline without dropping their “egg”!

22. Jump, Dance, and Freeze Fun:

Get ready for a lively and silly game of Trampoline Freeze Dance! This game is all about having fun, dancing, and freezing in silly positions.

How’s Play:

  • Create a playlist of the players’ favorite songs to dance to.
  • Choose someone to be the DJ, who will stay on the ground and control the music.
  • The rest of the players hop onto the trampoline.
  • Once the music starts, everyone starts dancing, showcasing their wildest moves on the trampoline.
  • When the DJ pauses the music, everyone must freeze in whatever position they’re in.
  • If anyone moves after the music stops, they’re out of the game.
  • Keep playing and dancing until only one person remains, who will be the winner of the game.

Get ready for an exciting and laughter-filled game as you jump, dance, and freeze on the trampoline. It’s a great way to enjoy music, show off your dance moves, and have a blast with your friends. 

So, turn up the tunes, hop on the trampoline, and let the Trampoline Freeze Dance party begin!

23. Trampoline Soccer Showdown:

Improve your soccer skills with a fun and challenging game of Trampoline Soccer! This game focuses on practicing dribbling footwork along the edge of the trampoline.

How’s Play:

  • Stand on the trampoline and start dribbling a soccer ball.
  • The bouncy surface of the trampoline makes it more challenging to control the ball, but practicing this way can greatly enhance your ball control skills on the field.
  • Try to maneuver the ball around the trampoline’s edge using different dribbling techniques, such as using the inside and outside of your foot.
  • Challenge yourself to maintain control of the ball while dealing with the trampoline’s bouncing movements.
  • This practice will help you improve your footwork, balance, and coordination, making you a better player when you return to the soccer field.

Get ready to bounce, kick, and enhance your ball control skills with Trampoline Soccer! It’s a fun and effective way to sharpen your soccer abilities while enjoying the unique challenge of the trampoline. So, grab your soccer ball and start practicing those dribbling skills!

24. Trampoline Martial Arts:

Trampoline Martial Arts

Elevate your karate or taekwondo moves with some trampoline action! Add jumps before and after your punches and kicks to take them to the next level. 

It’s important to note that you should perform air punches and kicks, focusing on the movements and techniques rather than striking each other.

How’s Play:

  • Begin by practicing your punches and kicks on the trampoline, incorporating jumps into your routine.
  • Before executing a punch or kick, add a jump to add power and height to your movement.
  • After each strike, land with a controlled jump, maintaining balance and stability.
  • Remember to perform these movements in the air, without making physical contact with others.
  • This trampoline practice will help you improve your overall agility, timing, and coordination, enhancing your martial arts techniques.

Get ready to kick, jump, and master your martial arts moves on the trampoline! It’s a thrilling way to boost your skills while enjoying the dynamic and bouncy nature of the trampoline surface. So, get ready to elevate your training and have a fantastic time practicing karate or taekwondo!

25. Trampoline Marco Polo:

Get ready for an exciting game of Trampoline Marco Polo! This game is not just for the pool; it’s equally enjoyable on the trampoline.

How’s Play:

  • One child closes their eyes and becomes “Marco.”
  • Marco’s goal is to find and tag the other players.
  • The other players, with their eyes open, become the “Polo” and must avoid being tagged.
  • Marco calls out “Marco” while searching for the other players, and the players respond with “Polo” to let Marco know their whereabouts.
  • Marco relies on their hearing and instincts to locate the Polo players and tag them.
  • The Polo players must move around the trampoline, using their agility and quickness to dodge Marco’s attempts to tag them.
  • The game continues until Marco successfully tags one of the Polo players.
  • Players can take turns being Marco, and the fun and excitement continue.

Enjoy the thrill of Trampoline Marco Polo, where you can splash, bounce, and have a great time while playing this classic game. Whether you’re in the pool or on the trampoline, the adventure awaits!

Safety Considerations

It is essential to be aware of trampoline safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. These guidelines typically include recommendations such as limiting the number of jumpers, avoiding somersaults or flips, and jumping within the center of the trampoline. 

Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Adult supervision is crucial when it comes to trampoline activities, especially when children are involved. Having a responsible adult present can help monitor the jumping session, enforce safety rules, and provide immediate assistance if needed. 

This ensures that potential risks are minimized and that any accidents or unsafe behavior can be promptly addressed.

To enhance safety, several precautions and equipment measures should be considered. These include utilizing padding around the trampoline’s frame and springs to reduce the risk of impact injuries. 

An enclosure net can also be installed to prevent jumpers from accidentally falling off the trampoline. Regularly inspecting the trampoline for any damage or wear and tear is important to maintain its safety and integrity.

By adhering to trampoline safety guidelines, ensuring proper adult supervision, and implementing necessary safety precautions and equipment measures, you can create a safer environment for trampoline play and reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

Other Considerations

Here are some other considerations:

Recommended Age and Weight Limits for Trampoline Use

It is important to consider the recommended age and weight limits for trampoline use. These limits are often provided by the manufacturer and are designed to ensure safe usage. 

Adhering to these limits helps prevent injuries and ensures that the trampoline is used appropriately by individuals within the specified range.

Importance of Warm-up Exercises Before Playing

Before engaging in trampoline activities, warm-up exercises are beneficial to prepare the body for physical exertion. Stretching and light aerobic exercises can help warm up muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of strains or sprains during play.

Hydration and Rest Breaks During Play Sessions

Staying hydrated is essential during trampoline play, especially on hot or sunny days. Encourage regular water breaks to prevent dehydration and ensure that everyone is adequately hydrated. 

Additionally, it is important to incorporate rest breaks during longer play sessions to prevent fatigue and reduce the likelihood of accidents due to exhaustion.

Avoiding Risky or Dangerous Maneuvers

While trampolines offer an exciting platform for fun and acrobatics, it is crucial to avoid risky maneuvers. Discourage flips, somersaults, or other high-risk tricks unless performed under the supervision of trained professionals. 

These maneuvers can significantly increase the risk of injuries, especially for inexperienced jumpers.

By considering the recommended age and weight limits, incorporating warm-up exercises, prioritizing hydration and rest breaks, and discouraging risky maneuvers, you can further enhance the safety and enjoyment of trampoline play. 

Remember, safety should always be a top priority to ensure a positive and injury-free experience for all participants.


Q:1 What are some enjoyable games to play on a trampoline?

Enjoy exciting trampoline ball games like Monkey in the Middle, Lava Balls, Bombs Away!, Mid-air Catch, Dodgeball, Keepy-Uppy, Hot Potato, and Water Balloon Dodge. Have a blast throwing, catching, and dodging balls on the trampoline for endless fun!

Q:2 What are some activities to do when feeling bored on a trampoline?

Enjoy over 50 fun activities on a trampoline for kids and adults! Add water with a sprinkler or mister, play with inflatable beach balls, hop on a hopper ball, try jump rope games, have a dance party, engage in water bomb fights, unleash your inner Picasso, and enjoy Chinese jump rope. The possibilities for fun and excitement are endless!

Q:3 What is considered the most exciting game to play on a trampoline?

Have a blast playing fun games on the trampoline for all ages! Try Bouncing Air Catch, Piggy In The Middle, Trampoline Whispers, One, Two, Three, Sit!, Trampoline Dodgeball, and Follow The Leader. Enjoy hours of entertainment and laughter with these exciting games!

Q:4 How can you make a trampoline more enjoyable and entertaining?

Discover the best trampoline games! Create an epic ball pit, add water for extra fun, play Trampoline Tag, build a fort, try Trampoline Yoga, dodge imaginary animals, go camping in the backyard, and enjoy outdoor cardio. Experience endless excitement and adventure on the trampoline!

Q:5 How do you play the game 123 Sit on a trampoline?

Play the thrilling game of “1-2-3 Sit!” on the trampoline. Everyone jumps together and when someone calls out “1-2-3, sit!”, everyone lands in a seated position simultaneously. The anticipation of being launched into the air adds excitement, making it a game kids love to play repeatedly.

Q:6 What is the 123 trampoline game?

In this game, one person jumps three times while the other counts aloud. When the count reaches “3” and the jumper starts to descend, a movement is called out, such as “Knees!” or “Seat!”

The jumper must attempt to land in the specified position. It’s a fun challenge that tests agility and coordination.

Q:7 Can mini trampolines provide fun and enjoyment?

A recent study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) reveals that bouncing on a mini trampoline for under 20 minutes is equally beneficial as running, providing a more enjoyable experience.


In conclusion, playing games on a trampoline offers an exciting and active way to have fun for both kids and adults. Whether it’s classic games like Monkey in the Middle, Dodgeball, or Keepy-Uppy, or unique games like Trampoline Whispers and Bouncing Air Catch, the possibilities for entertainment are endless. 

Trampoline games not only provide enjoyment but also offer numerous physical and mental benefits. Jumping and playing on a trampoline helps improve coordination, balance, and core strength. 

It also increases cardiovascular health and bone density, contributing to overall well-being. Additionally, trampoline games encourage creativity, imagination, and social interaction among players. 

With safety considerations and appropriate equipment, trampolines can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family. 

So, whether you’re a trampoline newbie or a seasoned player, get ready to bounce, laugh, and create lasting memories with these fantastic trampoline games. Get outside, embrace the joy of jumping, and let the fun on the trampoline begin!

We hope you will be well aware of 25 games to play on trampoline, after reading this comprehensive article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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