Best repurpose recycle trampoline ideas: Top Ideas [2023]

Trampolines are a great way to stay active and have fun in the backyard, but what do you do when it’s time to retire your old one? Rather than throwing it away and contributing to landfill waste, many creative ways exist to repurpose and recycle your trampoline. Not only can this help reduce your environmental impact, but it can also save you money and give your old trampoline new life.

From turning it into a unique outdoor bed or swing to using the frame as a support structure for a garden or pool, there are countless ways to repurpose your old trampoline. This article will explore some of the best repurpose and recycle trampoline ideas you can try out in your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a fun DIY project or a way to give back to the planet, these ideas will inspire you to get creative with your old trampoline.

Best repurpose recycle trampoline ideas: 

Looking for creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose your old trampoline? Plenty of fun and practical ideas exist to turn your old trampoline into something new and useful. Check out the best repurposed recycled trampoline ideas, from a cozy outdoor lounge to a hanging garden.

Best repurpose recycle trampoline ideas?

Trampolines are a fun addition to any backyard, but what do you do when it’s time to replace or eliminate one? Rather than sending it to the landfill, consider repurposing and recycling it into something new and useful. Here are some of the best ideas for repurposing and recycling old trampolines:

Garden and Outdoor Ideas

Gardening and spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature and improve your mental and physical health. Whether you have a small backyard or a large estate, there are many creative ways to make the most of your outdoor space. 

we will explore some garden and outdoor ideas to help you transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and enjoyable haven.

Use as a Trellis or Garden Arbor

A trellis or garden arbor is a great way to add structure and style to your garden. These structures can support climbing plants such as roses, ivy, or clematis. They can also be used to create a focal point or entrance to your garden.

You can repurpose old materials such as wooden pallets, ladders, or doors to create a trellis or garden arbor. You can also purchase pre-made trellises or garden arbors from your local garden center or online.

Once your trellis or garden arbor is in place, you can begin planting your climbing plants at the base. They will climb up and over the structure as they grow, creating a beautiful and natural display.

Create an Elevated or Hanging Garden

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If you have limited space in your outdoor area, consider creating an elevated or hanging garden. These gardens are perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers in a small space.

To create an elevated garden, you can use wooden pallets, cinder blocks, or metal troughs. Simply stack the materials on top of each other to create a raised bed. Fill the bed with soil and plant your seeds or seedlings.

To create a hanging garden, you can use baskets or containers that hang from a wall or fence. You can also use a trellis or garden arbor to support hanging baskets.

Make a Garden Arch

A garden arch is a beautiful and elegant way to create an entrance or focal point in your garden. These structures can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, or PVC piping.

To create a garden arch, you must measure and cut the materials to the desired length. You can then assemble the pieces using screws, nails, or glue.

Once your garden arch is in place, you can plant climbing plants such as roses, wisteria, or jasmine at the base. As the plants grow, they climb up and over the arch, creating a stunning display.

Repurpose as a Pest-Free Garden

If you struggle with pests such as rabbits, deer, or squirrels in your garden, consider creating a pest-free garden. This type of garden uses materials and plants that are less attractive to pests, making it less likely that they will visit your garden.

To create a pest-free garden, you can use plants with a strong scent or taste, such as lavender, mint, or marigolds. You can also use fencing or netting to keep pests out.

Use as a Wisteria Trellis Tree

Wisteria is a beautiful and fragrant climbing plant perfect for creating a stunning display in your garden. To grow wisteria, you will need a sturdy trellis or tree for it to climb up and over.

You can use a young tree such as a sapling or small shrub to create a wisteria trellis tree. As the tree grows, you can train the wisteria to climb up and over the branches.

Once your wisteria is in place, it will bloom with beautiful purple or white flowers in the spring and summer.

Turn it into a greenhouse.

If you want to extend your gardening season or start your plants earlier in the year, consider using your garden arch as a greenhouse. Adding a few pieces of clear plastic or plexiglass can create a warm and protected environment for your plants to thrive in.

Start by measuring the size of your garden arch and cutting a large piece of plastic to fit over the top. Use clips or nails to secure the plastic to the arch’s frame, ensuring it is taut and secure. You can also add plastic sheets to the sides of the arch if you want to enclose it fully.

Once your greenhouse is set up, you can plant your seeds or seedlings. Because the arch provides ample sunlight and warmth, your plants will have the ideal growing conditions to produce healthy and strong plants.

Use as a circle of plants or hang porch plants.

One of the simplest ways to use your garden arch is to place it in the center of a circular garden bed. You can then plant various flowers or vegetables around the perimeter, creating a stunning display of colors and textures. This is a great way to add visual interest to your yard and make the most of your outdoor space.

Alternatively, you can use the arch to support hanging porch plants. By attaching hooks or wire to the frame, you can hang baskets of flowers or vines from the arch, creating a beautiful natural backdrop for your outdoor living space.

Make an outdoor rocking hammock.

For those who love to relax and enjoy the outdoors, why not turn your garden arch into a comfortable outdoor hammock? This project is fairly easy to complete and can be done in just a few hours.

To start, you’ll need a sturdy piece of fabric or canvas that is strong enough to support your weight. Cut the fabric to the desired size, leaving extra material on the sides for hanging. You’ll also need to attach sturdy ropes or chains to the fabric to secure it to the arch.

Once your hammock is complete, you can simply hang it from the arch and enjoy the gentle rocking motion as you relax outside. This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of your garden while also getting some much-needed rest.

Recreational Ideas

Regarding outdoor recreation, there are endless possibilities for transforming an ordinary space into fun and functional. With a little creativity, some basic tools and materials, and some elbow grease, you can turn an ordinary backyard into an exciting play area that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Here are five recreational ideas to consider:

Turn it into a pool:

If you have the space and budget, why not turn your backyard into a swimming pool oasis? A pool is a great way to beat the heat and add value to your property. Depending on your budget, you can build an in-ground or above-ground pool. In-ground pools require more planning and excavation, while above-ground pools are typically less expensive and easier to install.

You can choose from various sizes and shapes to suit your needs and preferences. Add poolside furniture, potted plants, and string lights for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Create a soccer goal:

Soccer is a popular sport that people of all ages can enjoy. If you have a flat open space in your backyard, you can easily create a soccer goal with some PVC pipes and a few other basic materials. Start by measuring the width and height of your desired goal.

Then, cut two PVC pipes to the desired width and two more to the desired height. Connect the pipes using PVC elbows and tees to form the frame of the goal. Finally, attach a net to the frame using zip ties or clips. You can customize your soccer goal with paint, team logos, or other decorative elements.

Make a playground spider web:

Kids love climbing and exploring, and a playground spider web is a fun and challenging way to encourage them to do just that. To make a spider web, start by attaching a sturdy anchor point to a tree or other structure in your backyard.

Then, tie a series of ropes or cables between the anchor point and several other anchor points in a crisscross pattern. Finally, add a few climbing holds or knots to the ropes to create hand and foot holds. Kids can climb, swing, and play on the spider web, developing their balance and coordination skills.

Use as a diving board:

If you have a sturdy, elevated platform in your backyard, you can easily turn it into a diving board with plywood, foam, and waterproof fabric. Start by cutting a piece of plywood to the desired size and shape of your diving board.

Then, cut a piece of foam to the same size and shape, and glue it to the underside of the plywood. Cover the foam with waterproof fabric, such as vinyl or neoprene, and attach the diving board to your platform using hinges or brackets. Follow all safety guidelines and regulations when using a diving board.

Make a plyometric rebounder:

Plyometric exercises are a great way to build explosive power and agility, and a plyometric rebounder is a versatile and effective tool for these types of workouts. Build a sturdy frame out of PVC pipes to make a plyometric rebounder.

Then, attach a sheet of bungee cords or other elastic material to the frame using hooks or clips. You can use the rebounder for a variety of exercises, such as box jumps, squat jumps, and lateral hops.

Creative Indoor Ideas

Are you tired of the same old indoor decor? Want to spice up your living space with some creative and unique ideas? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of five innovative indoor ideas that will transform your living space into a fun and exciting environment.

Transform into a swing bed:

Hanging beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, and using a wooden pallet is a great way to create one without breaking the bank. With some basic tools and a few hours of free time, you can create a cozy and comfortable swing bed that will make a great addition to any bedroom or living room.

First, you must clean the pallet and sand it down to remove any rough edges. Next, you will need to attach some rope or chain to the pallet’s four corners so that it can be hung securely from the ceiling. Once the bed is hung, you can add a mattress, some pillows, and blankets to create a cozy spot to relax, read a book, or nap.

Create a movie screen:

If you love watching movies but don’t want to spend much money on a large TV or projector, you can create your movie screen using a wooden pallet. Simply clean the pallet and remove any loose boards or nails. Then, attach a white sheet or piece of canvas to the front of the pallet using staples or small nails.

Once the screen is attached, you can set it up in your living room or backyard and use a projector to display your favorite movies. This is a great way to enjoy a movie night with friends or family without spending much money.

Use as a reusable shopping bag holder:

If you’re tired of cluttered countertops and overflowing cabinets, you can use a wooden pallet to create a simple and effective storage solution for your reusable shopping bags. Simply clean the pallet and sand it down to remove any rough edges. Then, attach some hooks or hangers to the front of the pallet using screws or nails. Once the hooks are attached, you can hang your reusable shopping bags from them, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Create a living playhouse:

If you have children, creating a playhouse out of a wooden pallet is a great way to encourage their imagination and creativity. First, clean the pallet and sand it down to remove any rough edges.

Then, attach some colorful fabric or paint to the front of the pallet to create a fun and inviting look. Once the playhouse is assembled, you can add some pillows, blankets, and toys to create a cozy and fun play area for your children. This is a great way to keep your children entertained and engaged without spending much money on expensive toys or play equipment.

Repurposing old items and giving them a new life is not only cost-effective, but it is also good for the environment. Old doors are one of the many items that can be repurposed in numerous ways. They can be transformed into various useful household items that can be used around the home or garden. Here are some useful household ideas to repurpose old doors.

Repurpose as a chicken coop.

An old door can be repurposed to create a chicken coop. The door can be used as the coop entrance or to create a partition within the coop. By using old doors, you can create a stylish and unique coop that adds character to your backyard. With a few modifications, old doors can be used to create the perfect home for your feathered friends.

Make a firewood rack.

If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, you know how important it is to have dry firewood on hand. An old door can be repurposed into a firewood rack by attaching pieces of wood to the bottom of the door to create a base. The door can then be leaned against a wall, and the base can be used to stack the firewood.

Use as a wedding gate.

An old door can be repurposed into a wedding gate. The door can be mounted on hinges to create a fence or barrier that easily opens and closes. The door can be painted or stained to match your existing fence, adding a unique touch to your garden.

Create a bench

An old door can be repurposed into a bench by cutting it in half and attaching the halves to a frame. The bench can be used as an indoor or outdoor seating option. The door can be painted or stained to match your existing décor or outdoor furniture.

Use as a house gate

An old door can be repurposed into a gate for your house. The door can be mounted on hinges to create a stylish and unique entrance to your property. The door can be painted or stained to match your existing fence or home exterior, adding character to your home.

Make a giant holiday wreath.

An old door can be repurposed into a giant holiday wreath. The door can be painted or stained to match your desired color scheme and then decorated with ornaments, bows, and other festive decorations. The wreath can be hung on the front door or outside your home, adding a unique and festive touch to your holiday décor.


Q.1 What are some creative ways to repurpose an old trampoline?

Turn it into a swing bed or a hanging daybed

Use the frame as a support for a garden or a greenhouse

Convert it into a playhouse or a fort for kids

Transform it into a fitness station or an obstacle course

Use the mat as a cover for a sandbox or a pool

Q.2 Can I turn my old trampoline into a garden trellis?

You can repurpose the frame and springs as a support structure for climbing plants such as beans, peas, or tomatoes.

You can also use the mesh mat as a trellis net for vining vegetables like cucumbers or squash.

Q.3 How can I turn my old trampoline into an outdoor lounge?

Remove the jumping mat and springs and replace them with a weather-resistant outdoor fabric

Add cushions and pillows to create a comfortable seating area

Hang string lights or lanterns for ambiance

Use the frame as a support for a shade canopy or a hammock.

Q.4 What are some safety considerations I need to keep in mind when repurposing an old 


  • Ensure that the structure is stable and secure
  • Check for any sharp edges or protruding screws that can cause injury
  • Make sure that the weight capacity of the structure is appropriate for its new use
  • Avoid using the trampoline in extreme weather conditions or high wind areas.

Q.5 Can I use the springs from my old trampoline for other DIY projects?

You can use the springs for various DIY projects, such as creating a chandelier, a curtain rod, or a wall-mounted coat rack.

You can also use them to make a DIY musical instrument or a wind chime.

Q.6 How can I recycle the metal frame of my old trampoline?

You can recycle the metal frame to a local scrapyard or recycling center.

Alternatively, you can dismantle the frame and use the metal pieces for other DIY projects or to create sculptures or garden art.

Q.7 Can I turn my old trampoline into a backyard movie screen?

Yes, you can use the trampoline frame as a support structure for a projector screen.

Attach a white sheet or projector screen material to the frame; you’re ready to project movies or videos outdoors.


In conclusion, repurposing and recycling an old trampoline can be a fun and rewarding project, and there are endless possibilities for giving your old bounce new life. From garden and outdoor ideas to recreational and creative indoor ideas, the potential uses for an old trampoline are limited only by your imagination.

For outdoor and garden ideas, consider using your old trampoline as a trellis or garden arbor, creating an elevated or hanging garden, or making a garden arch. You can also repurpose it as a pest-free garden or wisteria trellis tree or even turn it into a greenhouse. Other outdoor ideas include using it as a circle of plants or hanging porch plants or turning it into an outdoor rocking hammock.

For recreational ideas, consider turning your old trampoline into a pool, creating a soccer goal, making a playground spider web, using it as a diving board, or making a plyometric rebounder. Creative indoor ideas include transforming it into a swing bed, creating a movie screen, making a musical xylophone, using it as a reusable shopping bag holder, or creating a living playhouse. You can also repurpose it as a chicken coop, make a firewood rack, use it as a wedding gate, create a bench, or house gate, or make a giant holiday wreath.

The possibilities are endless, and repurposing your old trampoline can be a great way to save money, reduce waste, and create something unique and useful. With a little creativity and effort, you can transform your old bounce into something truly amazing.

We hope this guide about the best ideas for repurposing and recycling your old trampoline has helped you understand how to give your trampoline a new life. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below!

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