9 Best Trampoline For Small Yard | Reviews & Guide [2023]

Trampolines are a blast for everyone! They’re not only incredibly fun but also provide excellent exercise for gymnasts and acrobats. I’ve seen firsthand how trampolining improves coordination, balance, and agility. It’s amazing!

Looking for the best trampoline for a small yard? Trampolines not only provide entertainment but also help kids relax and improve their muscle strength and bone health. 

During the Covid pandemic, they became a favorite activity for my family and many others. While small yards can be a challenge, don’t worry! There are ways to bring trampoline joy to your home, even with limited space.

Best Trampoline for Small Yard: Choose compact trampolines designed for small yards. Consider the size, weight limits, safety features, and sturdy construction. Read reviews and assess space to find a perfect trampoline for joy and exercise.

Our 3 Expert Choices

Here are our top expert choices:


Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide

Zupapa No-Gap

  • Exceeds ASTM and TUV
  • High-quality springs
  • Available in 8 to 15-foot sizes
  • Sturdy construction


Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide

Skywalker Trampolines

  • Attractive green color
  • Durable material
  • The extra layer of protection
  • Round shape


Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide

LANGXUN 5ft with Net

  • Convenient size
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • 4-inch rust-resistant springs
  • 220 pounds

9 Best Trampoline For Small Yard: Reviews 2023

Here are compiled a list of the top 9 best trampolines for small yard:

  1. Best for Kids – Zupapa No-Gap Design Safety Enclosure Net
  2. Best Round Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot
  3. Best Basketball Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk
  4. Best Trampoline for Kids Adults – Giantex Recreational Trampoline
  5. Heavy Duty Jumping Mat – AOTOB 8FT Storage Bag and Ladder
  6. Best Rectangle Trampoline – Upper Bounce Top-Ring Enclosure System
  7. Best Budget Trampoline – Little Tikes 3′
  8. Best Mini Trampoline – BCAN 40/48″ Foldable
  9. Best Mini Toddler Trampoline – LANGXUN 5ft with Net

1. Best for Kids – Zupapa No-Gap Design Safety Enclosure Net

Best for Kids
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • Exceeds ASTM and TUV safety standards
  • High-quality springs provide excellent jump quality
  • Sturdy construction capable

I personally had a wonderful experience with The Zupapa 10-feet Trampoline. It combines fun and safety in a way that parents and families can trust. The trampoline exceeded the ASTM and TÜV safety standards, giving me peace of mind. 

The gap-free design of the jumping mat and padded spring cover ensure my safety by preventing any hands or feet from getting stuck. The tall net surrounding the trampoline kept me from falling off the edge. 

I loved the fantastic jump quality, thanks to its high-quality springs. The trampoline is available in various sizes, allowing me to choose the perfect fit for my backyard. It easily accommodated multiple children, and the weight capacity was impressive. 

The frame locked securely without the need for screws, and the included wind stakes provided extra stability. The rust-resistant frame maintained its fresh appearance. However, assembly took some time, around two hours. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Blends fun and safety
  • Gap-free design for added safety
  • A tall net enclosure to prevent falling off

Reasons to Avoid

  • Assembly can be time-consuming

2. Best Round Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot

Round Trampoline
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • The trampoline is designed in an attractive green color
  • Skywalker Trampolines is a trusted brand
  • The trampoline is constructed with durable material

My brother and I have personally experienced the fun and safety of the Skywalker Trampoline 10-foot Round Trampoline. With its green color and durable construction, it adds a vibrant touch to our backyard. 

The trampoline is made of polypropylene and steel, providing excellent durability. The patented no-gap enclosure design ensures our safety by eliminating dangerous gaps between the net and the jumping surface. 

We appreciate the galvanized steel frame, which is weather and rust-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use. The reinforced T-sockets enhance frame stability, allowing us to enjoy endless family fun. 

While the maximum weight recommendation is 175 pounds, we find the compact size of this trampoline to be perfect for our backyard.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Patented no-gap enclosure design
  • Weather and rust-resistant
  • Reinforced T-sockets

Reasons to Avoid

  • Maximum weight recommendation may limit use for heavier individuals

3. Best Basketball Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk

Basketball Trampoline
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal for small yards
  • Recommended age and weight capacity

The Skypoung Atmos trampoline truly stands out with its unique octagonal frame design. When my friend first showed it to me, I was amazed by its sturdy construction. 

The super-strong steel legs and plastic pivot table feet provide exceptional stability, making it perfect for placing on grassy lawns or rough surfaces. 

At first glance, you might not realize the impressive design of the 8ft Skybound Atmos, but it’s truly one of the best options for small yards. I believe it’s the top choice for kids.

Reasons to Buy

  • Unique octagonal frame design
  • Super-strong steel legs
  • Ideal for smaller spaces and yards
  • Durable jumping mat

Reasons to Avoid

  • A maximum weight capacity of 175lbs might limit usage

4. Best Trampoline for Kids & Adults – Giantex Recreational Trampoline

Best for Kids & Adults
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • Available in sizes ranging from 10 to 16 feet in diameter
  • Simple and stable design for backyard jumping
  • Limited warranty information is available

Get ready for some exciting and affordable bouncing fun with the Giantex trampoline! My cousin had the chance to try it out, and it exceeded expectations. Available in different sizes ranging from 10 to 16 feet, this trampoline offers a straightforward and sturdy option for backyard jumping. 

Despite not having all the fancy features or the highest bounce like some premium trampolines, it provided ample spring and entertainment for kids, teens, and even adults, thanks to its impressive weight limit.

Although it had fewer springs compared to similar-sized trampolines, my cousin found the bounce to be quite satisfying for recreational use. The padding covering the perimeter springs ensured safety by minimizing the risk of pinching. 

Plus, it came with a safety net enclosure and padded support poles, offering an extra layer of security during jumps.

Considering its budget-friendly price, my cousin was delighted with the overall value this trampoline offered.

Reasons to Buy

  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Suitable for various age groups
  • Includes safety features
  • Generous weight capacity

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited information available regarding the warranty

5. Heavy Duty Jumping Mat – AOTOB 8FT Storage Bag and Ladder

Heavy Duty
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • 12-foot trampoline size with a spacious jumping area
  • Extended zipper and additional buckles
  • Wear-resistant jump pad

My friend recently purchased the AOTOB 12-foot trampoline and has been thrilled with its features. Safety is a top priority with this trampoline, as the close proximity of the jump pad and spring cover prevents any potential foot entanglement. 

The 12-foot size offers a generous jumping area, perfect for hours of fun. With its sturdy steel structure, 5 U-shaped legs, and 10 balanced contact points, the trampoline provides exceptional stability. 

The extended zipper and additional buckles make entering and exiting safe and convenient, while the foam sleeve ensures extra protection against accidental collisions with the frame. 

Made from wear-resistant polypropylene, the jump pad is built to withstand outdoor use without fading. This all-in-one trampoline package comes with everything needed for assembly. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, it’s suitable for both kids and adults.

Reasons to Buy

  • Safety-focused design
  • Spacious 12-foot size
  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Convenient extended zipper

Reasons to Avoid

  • No specific warranty information provided

6. Best Rectangle Trampoline – Upper Bounce Top-Ring Enclosure System

Best Rectangle
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • It features a rectangular shape
  • The trampoline has a high weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • The jumping mat measures 15.5 feet x 8.1 feet

Get ready for some serious bouncing fun with the supersized 17-foot trampoline from Upper Bounce! My brother’s friend had the opportunity to use this trampoline, and he was thrilled with its features. The spacious mat, measuring 186 inches long, provides ample space for jumping, tumbling, gymnastics, and more. 

Unlike round trampolines that typically have the best bounce at the center, this large rectangular trampoline offers excellent bounce across its entire surface area. 

With five support legs and a weight capacity of 500 pounds, this trampoline can easily accommodate multiple children, teens, and even adults.

Families with multiple children or those focusing on advanced tricks and maneuvers will appreciate the larger footprint of this trampoline. The safety net is designed within the spring perimeter, ensuring that jumpers avoid landing on the spring pads, which could cause injury.

Reasons to Buy

  • Supersized 17-foot trampoline
  • Excellent bounce
  • Five support legs
  • Safety net within the spring

Reasons to Avoid

  • Warranty duration could be longer

7. Best Budget Trampoline – Little Tikes 3′

Best Budget
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • Designed specifically for children aged 3 to 6 years
  • This trampoline is designed for indoor use
  • With a frame size of 3 feet and a round shape

The Little Tikes toddler trampoline is a perfect choice for energetic toddlers who love to burn off their energy. It features a vibrant multi-color design that captures the attention of little ones. 

With a compact frame size of 3 feet and a round shape, it is ideal for indoor use, making it suitable for playrooms or living spaces.

The trampoline is made of a combination of plastic and metal, ensuring durability and stability. It has a large jumping surface that allows toddlers to enjoy bouncing fun while developing their motor skills. 

The foam pad provides a comfortable and safe landing area for young jumpers. Additionally, it features a handlebar that offers stability and support for toddlers as they bounce.

This trampoline is specifically designed for children aged 3 to 6 years, with a maximum weight recommendation of 55 pounds. The ground to the top of the handlebar measures 34.00 inches, while the jumping surface to the top of the handlebar measures 26.25 inches.

Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Large jumping surface
  • Durable plastic and metal construction

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited weight capacity
  • Designed for indoor use only

8. Best Mini Trampoline – BCAN 40/48″ Foldable

Mini Trampoline
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • The trampoline is simple to assemble
  • The trampoline is equipped with a foam handle
  • It is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability

If you’re looking for a compact trampoline that is perfect for fitness purposes, the BCAN Mini Trampoline is an excellent choice. I’ve been using this trampoline for my workouts, and it has been a great addition to my fitness routine. Despite its small size, it provides an effective and enjoyable workout session.

With a length of 3.3 feet, it fits well in yards of any size. The best part is that it’s foldable and easy to assemble, making it convenient to set up and store. The foam handle with adjustable height adds extra comfort and stability during workouts.

Made with heavy-duty and high-quality materials, this trampoline is built to last. It has a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds, making it suitable for adults of various sizes. The simple and safe design ensures a secure and enjoyable workout experience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Compact and ideal for small spaces
  • Foldable and easy to assemble
  • Made with heavy-duty
  • Supports up to 330 pounds

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not recommended for kids to avoid potential injuries

9. Best Mini Toddler Trampoline – LANGXUN 5ft with Net

Best Mini Toddler
Best Trampoline For Small Yard - Reviews & Guide


  • 5ft, making it a convenient size for various backyard sizes
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • 4-inch rust-resistant springs provide a good bounce

I have personally used the Langxun Mini Trampoline, and it has been a great addition to both outdoor and indoor environments. The 5ft diameter makes it a convenient size, allowing for fun and enjoyment in any backyard, regardless of its size. 

I appreciate the high-quality design and safety features that provide peace of mind while my kids enjoy uninterrupted playtime on the trampoline.

The jumping mat is made of heavy-duty material and is fully UV-protected, ensuring its durability and resistance to outdoor elements. The 4-inch rust-resistant springs provide a good bounce, and the zippered enclosure is supported by strong and padded poles, enhancing safety during use. 

The recommended maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds, accommodating both children and adults.

One of the standout features of the Langxun trampoline is its seamless design, with no gaps between the mat and the enclosure. This feature sets it apart from other trampolines and is highly appreciated by buyers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Both outdoor and indoor use
  • High-quality design
  • UV-protected jumping mat
  • Rust-resistant springs

Reasons to Avoid

  • Maximum weight capacity may be limiting for some users

Factors to Consider When Buying a Trampoline

When you’re dealing with smaller spaces or yards, there are other important factors to consider when choosing a trampoline. One thing to keep in mind is that trampolines can be quite pricey. I was looking for trampolines that were not only affordable but also of good quality.

Trampoline Size:

Before making a purchase, figure out how much space you have and how many people will be using the trampoline. For small yards, consider compact trampolines that are 3 feet or less in diameter. 

These are perfect for one person and can be stored easily when not in use. They are also lightweight, so you can move them around easily. 

Trampolines made for toddlers or indoor use, like the Little Tikes option, work well for small spaces indoors or outdoors. You don’t need a large backyard to enjoy a trampoline!

Trampoline Shape:

Trampolines usually come in round or rectangular shapes, although you can find some in octagon or square shapes too, although they are less common. Round trampolines are great for recreational use because the springs around the edges pull you towards the center as you jump, giving a fun bounce. 

If you’re an athlete, especially a gymnast, you might prefer a rectangular trampoline. It provides a more even bounce and better control over rebounds because the springs engage at different rates on the elongated surface.

Trampoline Weight Capacity:

Trampoline weight capacity is a crucial factor to consider. Each trampoline has a specified weight capacity, which you can find in the product description. Some trampolines are designed for one person at a time, while others have higher weight capacities for multiple users.

It’s important to pay attention to the weight capacity to ensure the trampoline can accommodate the users you expect. It would be disappointing to have a trampoline that fits your space perfectly but doesn’t support the weight you intended, limiting the fun you can have. 

Take this aspect seriously and read reviews to get better information about the weight limits. Users often provide feedback on whether the trampoline can handle different weights or not.

Trampoline Safety:

To ensure safety while jumping on a trampoline, choose one with the right safety features. Consider getting a trampoline with a net enclosure to prevent falling off the edge. 

Some enclosures also protect you from getting pinched by the springs, either by placing the net outside the springs or including a padded cover. The Springfree Trampoline is a good option as it doesn’t have springs, keeping your fingers and toes safe. 

For mini-trampolines, look for ones with a handrail that provides stability and helps keep you centered on the trampoline. These features will help prevent any accidents while enjoying your jumping fun.

Budget Considerations

Best Trampoline for Small Yard - Guide & Review

Trampoline prices can vary across different price ranges, and this often reflects the quality and features of the trampoline.

Higher-priced trampolines generally offer better construction materials, sturdier frames, and enhanced safety features. 

They may also come with longer warranties and more durable jumping surfaces. On the other hand, lower-priced trampolines might be made of lighter materials, have less robust frames, and have fewer safety features. 

It’s important to carefully evaluate the quality and features offered at different price points to ensure you make an informed decision.

Finding a balance between your budget and desired features is essential. Start by determining the features that are most important to you, such as safety enclosures or a specific weight capacity. 

Then, consider setting a budget range that aligns with your financial situation. Research and compare trampolines within that budget range, focusing on models that offer the desired features while maintaining good quality. 

Prioritize safety features and construction integrity to ensure a reliable and long-lasting trampoline.

If you’re looking for cost-saving options, consider purchasing a used trampoline. Many used trampolines can be found in good condition at a lower price than new ones. 

However, make sure to inspect the trampoline thoroughly for any potential damage or wear before making a purchase. 

Additionally, some retailers may offer financing plans or installment options to help make the purchase more manageable within your budget. Explore these alternatives if they are available and align with your financial situation.

Safety Precautions and Installation

Here are some safety precautions and installations:

When using a trampoline, it’s important to follow these general safety guidelines:

  • Always have adult supervision, especially for children.
  • Jump with bare feet or wear non-slip socks.
  • Avoid somersaults or risky stunts that can lead to injuries.
  • Limit the number of users to prevent collisions.
  • Remove any sharp objects or jewelry before jumping.
  • Do not jump when the trampoline surface is wet or slippery.
  • Only use the trampoline in good weather conditions.
  • Regularly check for tears or damage in the jumping mat, springs, and frame.

Proper installation is crucial for trampoline safety. Follow these tips:

  • Place the trampoline on level ground to ensure stability.
  • Secure the trampoline with anchor kits or stakes to prevent tipping.
  • Keep a safety perimeter around the trampoline, free from any obstacles.
  • Install safety enclosures to prevent falls and direct users toward the center of the trampoline.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during assembly.

Regular maintenance and inspections are vital for ongoing safety:

  • Regularly inspect the trampoline for any signs of wear, tears, or damage.
  • Tighten any loose bolts or fasteners.
  • Replace any worn-out parts promptly.
  • Clean the trampoline regularly to remove debris and maintain traction.
  • Educate users on proper jumping techniques and safety guidelines.
  • Periodically review and reinforce the importance of safety precautions with users.

By following these safety guidelines, properly installing the trampoline, and conducting regular maintenance, you can ensure a safer trampoline experience for yourself and others.

FAQs About Best Trampoline For Small Yard

Q:1 What size trampoline is recommended for a small garden?

For small gardens, it’s recommended to choose a round trampoline that is 8 to 10 feet in diameter. Keep in mind that these trampolines are suitable for only one child at a time, and it’s important to follow the weight limit guidelines.

Q:2 Is a 14ft trampoline too large for a small garden?

A 14-foot trampoline has a large surface area, ranging from 122 to 130 square feet. It is suitable for everyone, including adults. The weight limit for a 14-foot trampoline is usually between 350 and 475 pounds.

Q:3 Can adults use an 8ft trampoline comfortably?

If you have limited space or younger children, our 8ft trampoline is a great option. It can accommodate older kids and adults comfortably as well.

Q:4 Are backyard trampolines worth the investment?

Trampolines were originally created in the 1940s to help gymnasts and acrobats train. However, due to safety concerns, the risks outweigh the exercise benefits. Instead, there are safer alternatives like having a dance party in your living room, going to the park, or visiting a community center.

Q:5 Is a 4.5-foot trampoline of sufficient size for enjoyment?

Trampolines that are 4.5 feet in size are designed for younger children and individuals who want to jump alone. They come in different colors like pink, blue, or printed patterns. 

These trampolines have padded netting and are perfect for introducing young kids to outdoor jumping and bouncing. On the other hand, 6-foot trampolines provide a bigger jumping area for kids to enjoy.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best trampoline for a small yard, three options stand out: the Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot, the Zupapa No-Gap Design Safety Enclosure Net, and the LANGXUN 5ft with Net.

The Skywalker Trampolines 10-Foot offers a compact size that fits well in small yards. It features a sturdy construction, a safety enclosure net, and a durable jumping mat. 

The Zupapa No-Gap Design Safety Enclosure Net is another excellent choice, providing a seamless design between the mat and the enclosure for enhanced safety. It also boasts heavy-duty materials and rust-resistant springs. 

Lastly, the LANGXUN 5ft with Net is a convenient option for both outdoor and indoor use. It comes with a UV-protected jumping mat, padded poles, and a no-gap design for optimal safety.

Each of these trampolines brings unique features and benefits, allowing families with limited yard space to enjoy the thrill and fun of bouncing. Consider your specific needs, available space, and safety requirements when selecting the best trampoline for your small yard. 

With any of these options, you can create endless entertainment and memorable moments for your family while ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

We hope you will be well aware of the best trampoline for small yards, after reading this comprehensive article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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