How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost? Easy Guide [2023]

Do you want to enjoy some fun and exhilarating trampoline experiences? Are you interested in determining How Much Does The Trampoline Park Costs? Look no further! This blog post will explore all your options when visiting a trampoline park, from admission prices and discounts to food, drinks, and activities.

So if you’re ready for a fantastic time full of flips, jumps, and laughter, grab your socks or shoes (depending on the rules!) & get ready to jump into our comprehensive guide on the cost of going to a trampoline park.

Admission prices start from $10 to $15 for children per hour, while parents’ passes are available from $5 to $10.

Whether you want to stay an hour or the whole day, there’s something for everyone in the fun zone. Enjoy all your favorite activities and attractions without blowing your budget!

How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost? Trampoline park costs vary widely based on location and packages. Generally, expect prices ranging from $15 to $30 per hour per person.

What is the best way to determine the price of a trampoline park?

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It is best to check the prices listed on the trampoline park website or at the entrance to determine how much you will have to pay. It’s always advisable to call ahead and inquire about any special discounts or packages that may be available. You can also look for promotional offers on the park’s website or social media accounts.

These can range from discounts to seasonal packages and even group rates. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

The cost of a trampoline park visit varies depending on several factors.

  1. You have a variety of facilities and games.
  2. Member count.
  3. An overview of the park’s locations.
  4. The amount of time spent.

Costs of different types of trampoline parks

  • Costs associated with membership.
  • It costs money to buy socks.
  • The entry fee.
  • Different plays have different prices.

It costs a lot to have a party at a trampoline park

Once you clearly understand how much your visit to the trampoline park will cost, it’s time to plan how you want to get the most out of your experience. While charging by the hour is a popular way to pay for admission, many facilities offer all-day passes or group discounts.

Food and drink specials, activities, and other values are also often available. With the right plan, you can save money while having a great time.

Average Cost at Trampoline Park

The cost of trampoline parks can vary greatly. On average, teens pay around $10 to $20 for an hour of fun, though many parks offer discounts with multiple-hour tickets available.

For instance, a regular one-hour ticket may cost $15, but two and three hours tickets may be available at discounted rates of $25 and $35, respectively.

Entry fees for toddlers under three years of age are usually lower than $10 per hour. Additionally, some parks may require the purchase of socks, which helps to keep feet clean and add an extra layer of protection. When visiting a trampoline park, it is essential to be aware of hidden costs. Trampoline parks provide an exciting, safe, and affordable way for everyone to get active.

They are an excellent way for families to have fun together and create lasting memories. Whether you are bouncing off the walls or just casually hanging out with your friends, trampoline parks can offer the perfect atmosphere for enjoyable outdoor activities.

The cost of membership at a trampoline park

With a variety of membership packages available, there is something for everyone. While some packages can be more expensive than others, many offer basic plans that cost less than $10 per month, making it an affordable option.

Memberships often include unlimited access with discounts on party packages and the chance to participate in special events at discounted rates, such as tournaments or competitions.

Many trampoline parks even offer glow-in-the-dark features, which add to the fun experience! With so many benefits, signing up for a membership is worth considering if you’re looking for a good time!

Factors Affecting Trampoline Park Costs

Here, we will talk about factors affecting trampoline park costs:

Location and City-Specific Pricing:

The geographical location of a trampoline park significantly influences its pricing structure. Trampoline parks in urban areas tend to have higher costs, primarily due to increased operational expenses.

Additionally, local economic factors, such as the cost of living, can impact the rates set by trampoline parks, leading to variations in pricing from one city to another.

Duration of Stay:

The duration of your visit plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of enjoying a trampoline park. Trampoline parks often offer visitors a choice between hourly rates and options for full-day or half-day access.

Those planning extended visits, such as spending multiple hours of fun, may also find special rates tailored to their needs.

Day of the Week and Time of Day:

Trampoline park costs can fluctuate depending on the specific day and time of your visit. Weekdays typically feature more wallet-friendly rates compared to weekends, making it a cost-effective choice for those with flexible schedules.

Furthermore, trampoline parks often introduce discounted prices during off-peak hours to encourage visitors to come during less crowded times. Additionally, visitors should be aware of special pricing that may apply during holidays or peak seasons.

Age Groups and Special Discounts:

Trampoline parks often implement tiered pricing structures based on age groups. This means that children, adults, and seniors may encounter different pricing based on their respective categories.

Moreover, group discounts are a common offering, providing cost savings for parties, events, or large gatherings.

Special discounts might also be accessible to specific demographics, such as students, military personnel, or loyal customers through loyalty programs, presenting opportunities for financial savings.

Below are different trampoline parks that cost different amounts

Below, we’ll provide insight into the top trampoline park costs to help you make informed decisions. You can find what you’re looking for by breaking down these prices.

Additionally, we’ll explain the various factors that go into pricing and why some parks may be more expensive than others. Understanding the cost of trampoline parks is essential for finding a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

So let’s dive in!

Get Air Trampoline Park

Air Trampoline Park

Get Air Trampoline Park in Victorville, California, offers an array of packages to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a day of bouncing and fun or want to host a special event, Get Air has something for everyone!

From open jump sessions to birthday party packages, here are some of the options available:

Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania, has much to offer to the trampoline enthusiast. With various packages to choose from, visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities and attractions.

From standard jump passes to special events such as dodgeball tournaments and “glow” nights, there is something for everyone at Urban Air Adventure Park.

Altitude Trampoline Park Cost

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Billerica, the largest trampoline park in Massachusetts, offers top-notch facilities at an affordable price. With a battle beam suspended over foam pits and a rock-climbing wall, this trampoline park will provide hours of fun for everyone who visits.

Not only is it conveniently located and equipped with quality features, but the cost to enjoy these amenities is also surprisingly reasonable.

Altitude Billerica is an ideal place for family and friends to gather, jump around and have a good time! With all its offerings, it’s no wonder this trampoline park is one of the most popular destinations in Massachusetts.

Sky Zone Adventure Park

Sky Zone Adventure Park

Sky Zone in New Rochelle, New York, is one of the most exciting trampoline parks. With a range of packages and activities, it’s the perfect place for families to spend time together.

There’s something for everyone, from open jump sessions to dodgeball tournaments and glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Dodgeball.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Finally, we will talk about additional costs and considerations:

Locker or Storage Fees:

Trampoline parks may charge fees for lockers or storage facilities where visitors can securely store their belongings. These fees should be considered when planning your visit, especially if you intend to bring personal items with you.

Party or Event Reservations:

Hosting a party or special event at a trampoline park often involves additional costs. These costs may include reserving a party area, providing catering services, and arranging for special activities. It’s important to inquire about these expenses when planning a group event.

Food and Beverage Expenses:

Trampoline parks usually have on-site concessions or cafes where visitors can purchase food and beverages. These costs can add up, so it’s advisable to budget for refreshments if you plan to enjoy them during your visit.

Special Attractions or Arcade Games:

Some trampoline parks offer additional attractions or arcade games that require separate fees. These could include laser tag, rock climbing walls, or virtual reality experiences. If you’re interested in these activities, be prepared for extra expenses beyond the trampoline park admission.

Taking these additional costs and considerations into account when planning your trampoline park visit will help you budget effectively and ensure an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

FAQs About How Much Does The Trampoline Park Cost

Why do you have to wear special socks at a trampoline park?

Altitude Grip Socks feature special material that provides extra traction on all of our surfaces, ensuring the safety of everyone who jumps at our park. They are required for all jumpers and are available for purchase at the front desk.

What are the attractions of the park, the trampoline?

Trampoline parks usually offer a variety of attractions, from open jump sessions and foam pits to rock-climbing walls and dodgeball tournaments. There is something for everyone at a trampoline park.

What types of payment are accepted at the trampoline park?

Most trampoline parks accept major credit cards and cash. Some even offer discounts for groups or special events. Be sure to check with the individual park’s policies before you visit.


Trampoline parks offer an excellent way for families and friends to have fun together. With various packages at different prices, it’s easy to find one that fits your budget and needs. Whether you are looking for open jump sessions or special events like tournaments or glow-in-the-dark nights, there is something for everyone at a trampoline park.

So get out there, find a trampoline park near you, and start bouncing! This was my latest research about how much the trampoline park cost. I hope you find this helpful in your quest to make informed decisions on how to enjoy a good time! Thank you for reading.

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