How To Avoid In Ground Trampoline Snakes? Honest Guide 2023

Snakes search for secure shelters and dark places to keep their body temperature warm – which is why your backyard can be an ideal spot. However, you may be startled to spot several snakes in the pit of your sunken trampoline, especially if a retaining wall has enclosed it.

Although the majority of these creatures are not venomous, the sight of them can frighten your kids. Thus, it is essential to comprehend how to avoid such issues with in-ground trampolines. This article aims to provide helpful tips on minimizing the risk of snakes taking residence in your sunken trampoline.

So let’s dive into the details to understand how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes and ensure that our trampoline remains snake-free!

Snakes can be a dangerous threat to human health, with up to 8,000 Americans being bitten yearly. Not only is this hazardous to people, but it also puts the snakes in danger. Snake bites can lead to severe injury or death if not treated quickly and effectively. Therefore, preventing such encounters is the best policy for both snake and man.

Prevent snakes in the ground trampoline by taking these steps.

snakes in the ground trampoline

Please get rid of snakes by scaring them.

Bouncing on the trampoline is the most effective way to ensure snakes avoid in-ground trampolines. The vibrations created by jumping can act as a deterrent and prevent snakes from coming too close.

Additionally, making a lot of noise when bouncing in the yard will undoubtedly scare off any lurking reptiles. After all, snakes are much more frightened of humans than we are of them! Overall, it is best to be proactive and keep the trampoline area clear of unwelcome visitors.

Moreover, keeping up with regular lawn maintenance is also a great idea to discourage snakes from coming around. When you mow the grass and trim overgrown plants, this creates an environment that is not suitable for snakes.

With fewer hiding spots and limited food sources, they will be less likely to stay in the area. These simple steps can help make your trampoline a safe, snake-free zone. Try to vibrate the trampoline as much as possible.

Eliminate sources of food and shelter.


Snakes coming to your yard may be due to the presence of small animals such as insects, mice, rats, or squirrels that are potential prey for them. If this is the case, you can try to reduce these critters around your house and observe if that reduces their number in the trampoline pit.

Additionally, eliminating sources of food and shelter for these animals, such as open rubbish bins or pet food bowls left outside, can also help discourage snakes from appearing in your yard.

Finally, by making your property less inviting, you’ll be less likely to have unwelcome visitors like snakes and other small animals.

Consider Deterrents.

Another way to prevent snakes from coming to your midground trampoline is using a snake repellent. You can purchase these products in any pet or home store, and they are an effective way of keeping snakes at bay.

They contain ingredients such as cayenne pepper, sulfur, clove oil, and other substances that make the area uncomfortable for the snakes to inhabit. Additionally, you can even purchase devices that emit ultrasonic and infrasound waves.

These vibrations make it difficult for the reptiles to approach your trampoline, so they will be less likely to linger around.

Use Snake Traps.

Snake Traps

If you have spotted a snake in your trampoline pit, the best option is to capture it and release it in an appropriate location away from your property. You can purchase traps specifically designed for this purpose, and they are pretty effective at catching even the most slippery of snake species.

However, be sure to take necessary safety precautions while handling and releasing the snake.

Protect your property from snakes with a Snake-Proof Perimeter.

To ensure that snakes do not come near your trampoline, install a snake-proof perimeter around the pit. This consists of a barrier from chicken wire buried around the perimeter to prevent snakes from entering or escaping. To deter snakes from approaching your trampoline, you can add additional features, such as gravel and mulch along the sides.

Keep Your Yard Tidy.

Finally, one of the best ways to ensure that snakes do not enter your trampoline pit is by keeping your yard tidy. Regularly clean up any clutter or debris left around and maintain a well-kept garden.

This can help create a less suitable environment for snakes, thus making it safer for you and your family to enjoy the trampoline without any intruders. Keeping your lawn cut and free from debris that could be a potential hiding spot for snakes is essential.

Taller plants, such as roses and trees, should be preferred over shorter shrubbery when landscaping.

Additionally, in-ground trampolines attract snakes as the area underneath provides an ideal place for them to hide. Therefore, it’s best to avoid hiding spots along the route to discourage them from taking it. Ultimately, keeping your lawn and garden clutter-free is the best way to deter snakes from entering your property.

Contact a pro.

If none of this works, then it might be time to contact a professional and have them take care of the problem. Professional snake removal services will come and inspect your property, identify any snakes that may inhabit it, and provide practical solutions for how to keep them away. This is the best option to ensure your trampoline is safe and free of all unwanted guests.

Call Pets.

2 boys with dog

You can enlist the help of dogs or cats to locate snakes. The animals’ sharp senses and bark can scare away any snakes lurking nearby. Moreover, the presence of cats and dogs is usually enough to discourage most snakes from entering an area.

This can be a valuable tactic for preventing snakes from intruding on your property. Additionally, you can use bright lights at night to repel snakes, as they prefer dark areas.


These are some of the best tips to avoid ground trampoline snakes and make sure that your trampoline remains a safe and snake-free environment. Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so be proactive with your lawn care routine and use repellents or traps if necessary.

With these simple strategies, you can be sure that your trampoline remains a safe and snake-free zone. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some practical guidance on how to avoid in-ground trampoline snakes and keep your family safe.


Below I show some of the most frequently asked questions about preventing snakes.

Do inground trampolines attract snakes?

Yes, in-ground trampolines can attract snakes due to the dark and enclosed environment that it provides.

What smell will keep snakes away?

Snakes avoid certain smells, such as smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime. You can use essential oils or sprays infused with these scents to keep them away from your house or property. Also, consider planting fragrant plants featuring these notes around your garden or outdoor area.

What ground cover do snakes not like?

Snakes dislike gravel and mulch, making it difficult for them to move around and hide.

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