3 Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline | Reviews & Guide [2023]

I know that round trampolines are popular, but I seek better performance. That’s why I’m drawn to rectangular trampolines. They offer several benefits that improve my experience. 

First, I can achieve higher bounce heights across a larger jumping area, giving me more room to show off my jumps and tricks. Second, rectangular trampolines are known for their durability, outlasting their round counterparts. 

So, I can enjoy my trampoline longer without worrying about wear and tear. If you’re like me and want enhanced performance, consider the Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline for an exciting and long-lasting jumping experience.

Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline: When it comes to the best inground rectangle trampolines, look for models that offer a sturdy frame, ample jumping space, reliable safety features, and excellent bounce performance for a thrilling and safe jumping experience.

3 Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline: Reviews 2023

Here, I have compiled a list of the top 3 best inground rectangle trampolines that are highly available in the market:

  1. Best Rectangle Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines Epic Series
  2. Heavy Duty Inground Trampoline Kit – Capital Play Rectangle Enclosures 
  3. Best Trampoline for Kids – BERG Trampoline Grand Champion InGround

1. Best Rectangle Trampoline – Skywalker Trampolines Epic Series

Best Rectangle
Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline


  • Patented design eliminates dangerous gaps.
  • Provides a spacious jumping area for added fun.
  • Supports users up to 250 pounds.

When I was searching for a trampoline to bring excitement and joy to my backyard, I stumbled upon the Skywalker Trampolines in stunning Black and Gray colors. This 15-foot rectangular trampoline instantly caught my eye, and I was eager to learn more about its features and benefits.

Safety and Durability: 

With Skywalker Trampolines, safety is the top priority. The product has undergone rigorous testing to meet or exceed the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards.

The enclosure system boasts upright foam-padded poles, ensuring stability during jumps, while the tightly woven net with a dual zipper and clip closure system offers additional safety.

No-Gap Enclosure: 

What intrigued me most was their patented no-gap enclosure design, preventing dangerous gaps between the net and jumping surface. This feature protects children from pinch points and openings, providing peace of mind.


The trampoline’s galvanized steel frame is both weather and rust-resistant, guaranteeing endless family fun without worrying about its durability. Reinforced T-sockets at each leg and enclosure joint increase the frame stability, making it a long-lasting investment.

Reasons to Buy

  • High safety standards
  • Durable galvanized steel frame
  • Spacious 15-foot rectangular shape providing ample jumping space

Reasons to Avoid

  • The maximum weight recommendation of 250 pounds

2. Heavy Duty Inground Trampoline Kit – Capital Play Rectangle Enclosures

Heavy Duty
Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline


  • Safety pad included for added protection during use.
  • Rectangular shape for improved bounce experience.
  • 68 springs for excellent jumping performance.

I have discovered the Capital Play inground trampoline kit. With its appealing features and focus on safety and durability, it has become a top choice for outdoor entertainment.

Safety & Quality:

The Capital inground trampoline kit ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for kids. The trampoline mat and safety padding are flush with the ground, eliminating the risk of falling off ladders or forgetting to zip up enclosures. 

The use of high-quality component parts, including thicker safety padding, a commercial-grade jump mat, and a strong rigid frame, further enhances safety.

Suitable for Outdoor Activities:

This in-ground trampoline is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, providing endless entertainment for both kids and adults. The assembly process is made easy and enjoyable for the whole family, with detailed instructions available for download and reliable phone support always at your disposal.

Compact Double Strength Frame:

Capital Play stands out by using a double frame system, ensuring serious rigidity. The galvanized frame is made from 2mm thick, double-dip steel, designed to last for years. 

The trampoline comes with an unbeatable 10-year frame warranty, highlighting the company’s confidence in its rectangle trampolines.

Various Colors and Sizes:

The Capital Play inground trampoline kit is available in three different sizes, each offering unique features and benefits, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your backyard. Additionally, you can choose from two colors, green and gray, to match your preference and outdoor aesthetics.

Reasons to Buy

  • Flush-to-ground design
  • High-quality components
  • Easy assembly process
  • Double-strength frame

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited color options may not appeal to those seeking a wider range of color choices

3. Best Trampoline for Kids – BERG Trampoline Grand Champion InGround


  • Includes TwinSpring Gold Springs.
  • Rectangular shape for enhanced bounce experience.
  • 16-foot frame size provides ample jumping space.

The BERG Champion trampoline with enclosure has caught my attention. With its variety of shapes and sizes, including the 16-foot rectangular option, it offers the perfect trampoline for any space, allowing the whole family to have fun together.

Safety First:

BERG understands the importance of safety, which is why this rectangle trampoline is crafted with the highest quality materials. It features long-lasting TwinSpring Gold Springs, an Airflow Jump Mat, and an included safety net enclosure, ensuring both fun and overall safety during use.

Safety Net Deluxe:

This trampoline includes an excellent safety net to protect users from accidents. With the deluxe and deluxe XL safety nets, tripping is not an option. Jump as high as you want with peace of mind, knowing that safety is prioritized.

Airflow Jump Mat:

The Airflow Jumping Mat allows for 50% more air permeation compared to a standard jumping mat. This means less resistance while jumping, enabling higher jumps and an exhilarating bouncing experience.

15-Year Warranty:

BERG stands behind the longevity of their trampolines, offering a 10-year limited warranty out of the box. By registering the 16ft trampoline on the BERG website, an additional 3 years of limited warranty can be added, providing extended peace of mind.

Reasons to Buy

  • Family-friendly trampoline
  • Deluxe safety net
  • Airflow Jump Mat
  • The long warranty period

Reasons to Avoid

  • Relatively heavier item weight may require assistance

What was our Process for Selecting the Trampolines?

In selecting our list of the top eight rectangular trampolines, we carefully considered several important criteria. First, we evaluated the assembly process, taking into account the quality of the instruction manual, average assembly time, and ease of putting the trampoline together. 

Safety features were another crucial factor, as we prioritized trampolines that meet or exceed accepted safety standards. Bounce quality was also considered, ensuring a fun and enjoyable jump experience. 

Additionally, we took into account the weight limit, recognizing the preference for higher weight capacities. Price was considered, acknowledging the budgetary concerns of buyers. 

Lastly, we examined the warranties offered, understanding the importance of coverage for any potential issues that may arise.

Factors to Consider When Buying Inground Rectangle Trampolines

When buying a best inground rectangle trampoline, there are several important factors to consider. These include:


The rectangular trampolines we examined come in a range of sizes, from 8’x14′ to 10’x17′. Keep in mind that the measurements provided refer to the size of the trampoline frame, and the actual area available for jumping will be slightly smaller.

When selecting the right size for your needs, it’s crucial to ensure sufficient clearance around the trampoline. For optimal safety, aim for a minimum of 10 feet of open space on all four sides of the trampoline. 

Additionally, make sure there is at least 20 feet of overhead clearance above the trampoline’s surface, without any obstructions. These clearances are important to allow for safe jumping and reduce the risk of accidents.

Safety Factors:

While there is speculation regarding the safety of round trampolines versus rectangular ones, those who choose the rectangular shape should be aware and prioritize safety by following three essential rules:

  1. One jumper at a time: Ensure that only one person jumps on the trampoline at any given time.
  2. Stay in the central area: Encourage jumpers to focus on the central area of the mat for a safer jumping experience.
  3. Avoid risky moves: Discourage complex and potentially hazardous tricks and maneuvers to minimize the risk of injuries.

By adhering to these safety guidelines, users can maximize the safety of their rectangular trampolines and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Round Versus Rectangular:

Rectangular trampolines are favored by some buyers due to their suitability for specific gymnastics and tumbling tricks. The oblong shape provides a larger jumpable area, ensuring kids can enjoy a consistent bounce throughout the entire mat. 

Unlike round trampolines, there is no need to stay in the center to experience the best bounce. This flexibility allows users to explore a wider range of movements and enjoy the freedom to perform various tricks and maneuvers across the entire jumping surface of the rectangular trampoline.

The Clearance Process:

Thoroughly inspect the surrounding area for potential hazards, both obvious and hidden. This includes checking for electrical wiring, fences, tree branches, shrubs, storage sheds, yard equipment, and other recreational gear. 

It’s important not to rely solely on the safety enclosure of your trampoline, as nets cannot guarantee complete protection from falls. Maintain a clear and unobstructed area around the trampoline to ensure the safety of jumpers and minimize the risk of accidents. 

Stay vigilant and regularly assess the surroundings to eliminate any potential hazards that may pose a threat to trampoline users.

Material Quality:

When considering the material quality of a trampoline, look for durable and weather-resistant materials that can withstand regular use and outdoor conditions. This includes sturdy frame materials such as galvanized steel, which provides strength and rust resistance. 

Additionally, check for high-quality jumping mats made of materials like polypropylene that are UV protected and resistant to tears and scratches. The safety padding and enclosure materials should also be durable and capable of withstanding wear and tear over time.

Assembly and Installation:

Ease of assembly and installation is an important factor to consider. Look for trampolines that come with clear and detailed instructions, as well as all the necessary tools and components for hassle-free assembly. 

Some trampolines may require professional installation, so be sure to check the requirements beforehand. Additionally, consider the time and effort required for installation and choose a trampoline that suits your level of expertise and available resources.

Jumping Mat Strength:

The jumping mat is a crucial component of the trampoline, so its strength and quality are important considerations. Look for jump mats made from durable materials that can withstand the repetitive impact of jumping and provide a consistent and enjoyable bounce experience. 

A strong and resilient jumping mat will ensure that the trampoline can be safely used over an extended period of time without compromising its performance or posing any safety risks.

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Benefits of Inground Rectangle Trampolines

Inground rectangle trampolines offer several benefits that make them a popular choice among trampoline enthusiasts. Some of these benefits include:

Space Efficiency:

  • Inground rectangle trampolines utilize space efficiently as they can be installed flush with the ground. This allows for better integration into the backyard without occupying excessive space.
  • The lower profile of inground trampolines eliminates the need for ladders or steps, making them easily accessible for users of all ages.

Safety Advantages:

  • Inground installation reduces the risk of falls from elevated heights, providing a safer jumping experience.
  • The proximity to the ground minimizes the potential for injuries from accidental falls or improper landings.
  • Safety enclosures or nets can be added to further enhance safety by preventing users from bouncing off the trampoline.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Inground rectangle trampolines often have a sleek and unobtrusive design that blends well with the surrounding landscape.
  • The flush installation gives a clean and visually appealing appearance, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the backyard.

Higher Bounces due to Rectangle Design:

  • The rectangular shape of the trampoline, combined with the evenly distributed springs, allows for higher and more consistent bounces compared to round trampolines.
  • The elongated jumping surface provides a larger area for jumping and performing tricks, enhancing the overall jumping experience.

Overall, inground rectangle trampolines offer space efficiency, safety advantages, aesthetic appeal, and the potential for higher bounces, making them a preferred choice for trampoline enthusiasts seeking a versatile and enjoyable jumping experience.

FAQs For Best Inground Rectangle Trampoline:

Q:1 Are rectangular trampolines recommended?

Rectangular trampolines offer excellent bounce quality, making them ideal for achieving higher jumps. The even distribution of force across the jumping surface allows users to have better control over their landings, resulting in a superior bouncing experience.

Q:2 Is an in-ground trampoline a worthwhile investment?

Rectangular in-ground trampolines provide superior bounce quality, airflow, and performance compared to above-ground trampolines. They eliminate the need for safety netting and offer an enhanced jumping experience.

Q:3 What is the ideal depth for an in-ground trampoline?

Typically, the hole for an inground trampoline should be around three feet deep at the center, although smaller trampolines may not require the same depth. 

Most inground or flat ground trampolines will need a bowl-shaped hole, with the center being the deepest and gradually becoming shallower towards the edges.

Q:4 Which shape is preferable: square or rectangle trampoline?

Rectangular trampolines have the advantage of handling more weight due to the way the springs function. The design of the rectangular shape ensures that only a portion of the springs are engaged when someone jumps, resulting in reduced stress on the trampoline and allowing for greater weight-bearing capacity.

Q:5 Does NASA employ trampolines for its activities?

There is no evidence to support the claim that NASA has stated “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” 

The NASA study did not specifically involve rebounders or mini-trampolines, and it is important to note that such a statement cannot be attributed to NASA.


In conclusion, the BERG Trampoline Grand Champion InGround stands out as one of the best options for those seeking an exceptional inground rectangle trampoline. With its impressive features and top-notch quality, it offers a superior jumping experience for both recreational users and aspiring athletes.

The BERG Grand Champion InGround trampoline boasts a sturdy frame and durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. Its rectangular shape provides a generous jumpable area, allowing for greater freedom of movement and optimal bounce quality. 

The inclusion of safety features, such as a safety net enclosure, further enhances the overall safety of the trampoline.

Additionally, the BERG Grand Champion InGround is known for its excellent craftsmanship, making it a reliable and trusted choice. Its sleek design adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space, while its easy assembly process and detailed instructions make it accessible for users of all levels of experience.

For those seeking a top-tier inground rectangle trampoline, the BERG Trampoline Grand Champion InGround undoubtedly offers an outstanding combination of quality, safety, and performance, making it a standout choice for trampoline enthusiasts.

We hope you will be well aware of the best inground rectangle trampoline, after reading this comprehensive article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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