26 Different Types Of Trampoline | Easy Guide [2023]

Get your heart rate up and boost your cardiovascular health in a fun way! With trampoline exercises, you can relieve stress and put the bounce back into endurance.

Tracing its origins to 1930s America, this exhilarating form of exercise began when George Nissen crafted it out of old metal scraps and industrious inner tubing tiers, little did he know then that his invention would go on to become an Olympic sport!

Nowadays finding one is easy; just take advantage of modern technology with online shopping for endless selections from top brands, so adults or kids alike can enjoy the benefits while having a blast at home.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRAMPOLINES: Trampolines come in various types, including round, rectangular, and oval shapes. Additionally, there are mini trampolines, water trampolines, and in-ground trampolines, each designed for specific purposes and preferences.


Trampolines have come a long way since the days of George Nissen. With advances in technology, there are now countless varieties and types to choose from, each suited for different purposes and activities.

Whether you’re looking to get fit, learn some new tricks, or just have some fun, let’s explore the ten most popular types of trampolines.

1. Backyard Trampolines:

These are the most common trampolines found in backyards. Available in sizes ranging from 8 to 16 feet, they’re great for family fun and can be used year-round.

2. Mini Trampolines:

Designed with smaller frames and springs, mini trampolines are perfect for those who want to get a cardio workout without taking up too much space or needing lots of power.

Mini trampolines provide a fun and effective workout! Rebounding helps to strengthen muscles all over the body, making them especially useful for people who use gymnastics.

Their small size makes them perfect even in tight spaces like apartments, ensuring there is no need to sacrifice exercise while living in smaller areas.

Working out on these mini-trampolines is also great for weight loss; with enough time and practice, you can burn calories quickly by having some bouncing fun right at home! Best of all, reputable brands ensure high-quality products that will last throughout your rebounding journey.

3. Round Trampolines:

Popular amongst gymnasts, these trampolines feature a circular shape which allows for more consistent bouncing and less risk of injury when performing stunts or tricks.

Round trampolines are the go-to choice for outdoor enjoyment and bouncing around indoors. From mini models to larger sizes, everyone can get in on the action!

Not only that, but their unique design brings a whole host of benefits with it; you’re always safely returned to the center as soon as you jump and circular spring manufacturing limits your risk of injury or falls.

Round trampolines offer unbeatable fun anywhere you decide has enough space!

With a variety of high-end models on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits both your budget and weight capacity. From famous kid’s trampolines accessible with flexible payment plans – shopping for joy just got easier!

So go take a look at all those best brands out there; it’ll be bouncing fun from start to finish.

4. Rectangular Trampolines:

Unlike round models, rectangular trampolines provide more space and bounce power, making them ideal for gymnasts and adults alike.

Rectangular trampolines have become the go-to option for professionals in gymnastics, providing a unique bounce pattern that’ll take jumping to new heights.

Despite their size advantages and ease of maneuverability, they come with an expensive price tag; but if you’re serious about your bouncing performance or simply want more bang for your buck in less space then this is worth considering!

5. SQUARE Trampoline:

Perfect for those who want a more traditional trampoline experience, SQUARE trampolines are square-shaped and come with safety nets for extra protection.

For those looking for a reliable trampoline to suit their needs, square trampolines are the perfect middle ground between rectangular and circular models.

Not only do they come with great value, but provide users with an enjoyable experience that can be both indoors or outdoors depending on size. Square trampolines may cost more than round ones; however, you’ll get your money’s worth, granting safety as well as fun opportunities!

Many have found themselves preferring these versatile structures over all other kinds of designs available in today’s market.

6. OCTAGONAL Trampoline:

If you need extra space for your trampoline fun, look no further than octagonal models! Octagon-shaped trampolines have become increasingly popular in recent times because of their huge surface area and the ability to accommodate more people when jumping, all while still adhering to safety regulations.

Best trampoline brands offer various sizes from modestly sized ones perfect for children’s recreational use, all the way up to very large versions that can be used by an entire family at once. Get ready for some jumps with friends on these spacious ovals!

7. Water Trampolines:

Looking for an exciting and innovative way to have fun in the water? Look no further than a Water Trampoline, it’s like nothing else!

Just inflate, jump on top, and soar into the sky with a friend. With enough force from one person jumping onto this large trampoline-like pad, you can send another flying high above them (but still be sure to stay away from any deep bodies of water!).

This unique activity is perfect when combined with your favorite waterslide, let yourself coast down before taking off into midair!

This heavy-duty trampoline measures 25 feet in diameter and 42 inches long when it’s properly inflated. It makes for an unforgettable summer experience if your backyard happens to border a large body of natural water such as a lake, but do keep safety precautions in mind while having fun!

Enjoy bouncing on this impressive tool with friends both near or far, ideal for anyone looking to get creative with their aquatic activities.

8. CAGED Trampoline:

With the ever-growing popularity of trampolines, safety is a top priority for many consumers. Though they can provide hours of fun and exercise to both children and adults alike, sometimes people end up getting injured when bounced off the apparatus onto the unforgiving ground below.

To combat this issue, manufacturers have released special models with cages around them, making it near impossible to be thrown from the equipment while still offering enjoyment within its interior.

With specialized parts that help stiffen these frames even further available on today’s market, parents can rest assured in knowing their little ones are safe during playtime!

Worried about your kids playing on a trampoline without getting hurt? Don’t fret! With the right care enclosure, it’s easy to give them safe and fun playtime.

Visit any trusted website offering trampolines to explore options and take advantage of great payment plans so you can order one as soon as possible for hours of stress-free entertainment.


If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled trampoline experience that keeps your safety in mind, springless technology is the way to go! These innovative options use stretch bands and other solutions instead of capturing all the energy with a series of springs.

That means extra reassurance as you soar into the sky, with no worries about hurting yourself on any unforgiving parts. Plus they’ve got plenty more fun features like online purchasing availability, so even if it costs slightly more than traditional models, this option will certainly deliver its value!

The trampoline has no springs or hard edges, ensuring that both children and adults can have a worry-free experience bouncing around in your backyard. With this amazing piece of equipment, you’ll be sure to make memories with your family for years to come!


Kids’ trampolines provide a perfect way to safely explore their boundless energy! The mesh cage around the trampoline provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that little ones are well-contained.

This jumping experience is great for all ages – not only does it feel like bouncing on your bed without any risks but it also does not contain traditional springs often associated with injuries and accidents.

With kid’s trampolines, parents can breathe easy knowing their child will be healthy and safe while having plenty of fun!

Keep your little ones safe while they play with this innovative invention! It utilizes thirty stretch bands to give the same effect as springs but without any risk. Keep those tiny toes protected and let them have a fun time, worry-free.

11. Rebounders:

Rebounders are small trampolines specifically designed to improve balance and coordination while providing an intense cardio workout.

12. Indoor Trampolines:

These trampolines are perfect for those who don’t have access to outdoor space or need something that can be easily taken down and put away quickly when not in use.

13. Wall-Mounted Trampolines:

Perfect for those with limited space, these trampolines can be attached to walls and ceilings. They’re great for learning new tricks like flips and aerial stunts.

14. Half-Pipe Trampolines:

These are perfect for extreme sports athletes who want to practice their skills in the comfort of their own homes. With built-in foam pits, they provide extra cushioning when attempting difficult maneuvers.

15. Battle-Trampoline Arenas:

These aren’t your typical backyard trampolines! Designed specifically for high-intensity competitions and tournaments, battle trampoline arenas come equipped with multiple interconnected trampolines, allowing up to 32 participants to compete at once.

16. Bungee Trampolines:

These trampolines allow kids to jump higher than ever before, with a bungee cord attached that provides an extra boost of power and excitement.

For those who crave a thrilling adventure, bungee trampolines are the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping without any danger.

Rarely seen at everyday fairs or events, these unusual contraptions involve jumping onto an elastic cord-connected structure that can propel you higher than ever before possible on a regular trampoline, providing one wild ride for brave thrill seekers!

While not often encountered by many people around the world yet incredibly popular amongst those with firsthand experience of it; bungee tramping will liven up and invigorate anybody’s day out.

17. Interactive Trampolines:

These trampolines feature built-in sensors that keep track of your jumps and offer various games and activities that you can enjoy while bouncing around.

18. Foam Pit Trampolines:

These trampolines are perfect for those looking to practice stunts or learn new tricks safely with the help of a foam pit that surrounds the trampoline.

19. Sky High Trampolines:

Designed with a circular shape, these trampolines allow users to jump higher than ever before and have a blast in the air!

20. Super Spring Trampolines:

These trampolines feature extra-large springs which provide an even bouncier surface and more power when jumping. Perfect for aspiring gymnasts!

21. Tumble Track Trampolines:

Often used in gymnastics competitions, these long trampolines feature a soft runway that allows users to practice tumbling without the risk of injury from hard surfaces or landings.

22. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Trampolines:

For those who want an extra challenge while bouncing around, these trampolines come with built-in obstacles like balls and rings that you can maneuver while jumping on the trampoline.

23. Bongo Board Trampolines:

These trampolines feature a special platform on the base that can be used to practice balancing or perform stunts while in the air, adding an extra layer of challenge and fun!

24. Air Track Trampolines:

These are inflatable trampolines with a softer surface than regular trampolines, making them safer for performing flips and other difficult maneuvers. Perfect for gymnastics training!

25. Target Trampolines:

Perfect for practicing accuracy and timing, these trampolines come equipped with targets that can be set up to practice aiming and throwing skills.

26. Balance Bars:

Attachable balance bars offer extra stability and support when jumping, which is perfect for those just starting or who need more control over their movements while bouncing around.


Q:1 What is the safest shape of a trampoline?

The safest shape of a trampoline is the round one. The round shape minimizes the risk of bouncing off the edges and also ensures that all parts of the mat remain even when in use.

Q:2 Are foam pits safe?

Yes, foam pits are generally considered safe for use with trampolines as long as the foam is regularly replaced and deep enough to provide sufficient cushioning. However, it is important to follow all safety instructions when using trampolines with a foam pit!

Q:3 Are trampoline parks safe?

Yes, most trampoline parks are safe if they adhere to all necessary safety regulations. This includes ensuring that all equipment is up-to-date and regularly maintained, as well as having trained staff on hand to supervise activities.

Q:4 Are trampolines safe for kids?

Yes, provided that all safety regulations are followed carefully. This includes making sure that the trampoline is properly assembled and free from debris, setting rules for the safe use of the trampoline, and monitoring activity while children are playing.

Regularly inspecting the mat and springs is also essential to maintain a safe environment.

Q:5 What age group can use trampolines?

Generally speaking, most trampolines can be used by users aged 6 years old or older. However, it is always important to read manufacturer instructions before use, as some trampolines may have different age recommendations depending on the product.

Q:6 Can trampolines help you lose belly fat?

Yes, trampolines can be great for burning calories and toning muscles. By bouncing regularly on a trampoline you can target different muscle groups in your body which will help to improve strength and fitness levels. This can also help reduce fat around the belly area.

Q:7 Are there any risks associated with using trampolines?

Yes, there are certain risks associated with using a trampoline. These include incorrect assembly or use of the trampoline leading to injuries, as well as contact between other users resulting in collisions.

It is important to read all safety instructions before use and always ensure that children are supervised when bouncing around on the trampoline.

Q:8 Is a spring trampoline better than a springless trampoline?

It depends on what you are looking for. Springless trampolines tend to be safer than spring trampolines and provide a softer, cushioned bounce.

Spring trampolines offer more performance if it is being used for tricks or stunts as they tend to have higher levels of tension in the jumping mat. Ultimately, it comes down to your individual preferences and the type of activity you are engaging in.

Q:9 How often should I replace my trampoline mat?

This will depend on how frequently you use your trampoline and how well it is cared for. Over time, the material of the mat can become worn or stretched which can lead to an unsafe bouncing surface.

Generally, mats should be replaced if they start to show signs of wear and tear or every couple of years if the mat is being used regularly. Always check manufacturer instructions for more information on when to replace your mat.

Q:10 Are trampolines good for exercise?

Yes, trampolines are an excellent form of exercise. By bouncing around on a trampoline you can work many of the major muscle groups in your body and get your heart pumping.

It is also low-impact which makes it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Additionally, it is a fun way to burn calories and get fit!

Q:11 What is the difference between round and rectangular trampolines?

Round trampolines provide a different level of bounce than rectangular ones. Round trampolines offer more stability and are great for those who want to practice different kinds of acrobatic activities, while rectangular ones allow users to experiment with different types of jumps and flips.

Q:12 Which type of trampoline is best for kids?

Trampolines specifically designed for kids are the safest option as they come with different features like an enclosure net attached to them which creates a safer environment for children to play in and reduces the risk of injury while they bounce.

Final verdict

Trampolines come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Depending on your needs, different trampoline types can offer different levels of resistance for different kinds of activities.

Consider your preferences carefully when choosing the right trampoline for you, keep these different types of trampoline in mind to make sure that you pick one that matches your requirements!

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